Hubaya Agent

Hubaya State Agents Application Form

Kindly read the application guidelines and fill the form accordingly. You will be contacted via the provided email and/or mobile number given when selected.

Job Description

As a state Agent at Hubaya, you will play a critical role in contributing to the company’s success by supporting and contributing to all aspects regarding deliveries and their regulations to our customers in your state of operation. You are accountable for achieving successful execution of deliveries safely or otherwise.

You will work closely with the Director Marketing and Logistics and always report to him as well as work with other team members.

You are required to be strategic and organised in observing your duties, as fast delivery is crucial in the general operations of Hubaya. You are as well expected to think quickly and strategically when identifying challenges and addressing the challenges with high level of sensitivity and emotional intelligence, and as well maintain professional business expertise when interacting with our customers.

Essential Functions

  • conduct site evaluation and analysis for an effectively secure and fast delivery to our customers.
  • pick packaged products from motor park or any proposed location and deliver to the customer’s desired safe location quickly.
  • develop delivery report for every delivery made.
  • Support and facilitate efficient Hubaya operations in your state of operation.
  • Respond promptly to any task assigned to you by your manager (Director Marketing and Logistics)


  • Working knowledge and experience of an online shopping business.
  • Have good means of transportation as well as the knowledge of the relative places contained on the map of your state of operation.
  • Have access to a secure place to keep undelivered products.
  • Have a smartphone with access to internet.
  • Great client-facing and good communication skills.
  • Good organizational skills and multitasking skills.
  • Must have an account on Hubaya Store that is registered with the same email as that which you will use to apply to be an agent.

After going through everything above and still want to apply as an agent, please click on “APPLY NOW” below to apply.